Why Twilight Photography?

by | Nov 10, 2019

Twilight photography provides richer, bolder colors and showcases your home’s lighting in amazing ways. 

Chances are, as you’ve been researching real estate photography, you’ve come across Twilight Photography. A “twilight” photo is exactly that: exterior real estate photography taken at dusk. You’ll often hear the time referred to as “the magic hour” by photographers due to its fleeting-yet-stunning capabilities. The images taken during twilight showcase your property’s lighting, yard, pool,  and features like fire pits, grills, and that beautiful sunset. Real estate agents love the look of the photos, which are richer and more vibrant than daytime exterior shots. They are more likely to grab the buyer’s attention and really pop in thumbnail or Instagram-grid format when displaying properties. 

Part of your complete real-estate-photography package. 

You already know that photos are the most important element of having your listing marketed and sold. Today, most buyers start their home search online, so your property’s online photos will often be the first impression they make. Great photography can determine whether buyers think it’s worth their time to see a house in person, and great twilight photography can add a sense of intrigue and value for those same potential buyers. An Australian real estate photography company crunched the data and found 50% more people viewed a property and 50% more people contacted the selling agent to find out more about a property when there were twilight photos. 

Twilight photography supplements the beautiful interior photos a professional real estate photographer, like Photography At Dawn, provides. We can capture the inside of your home at its most vibrant, but the glow of the lights from inside your home really stands out in twilight photography. The absence of shadows from the setting sun makes photos, of your lighted pool for example, really pop. And when professionals use drones to capture aerial angles and creative points of view, everything looks even better. Browse through the gallery at Photography At Dawn and you’ll see gorgeous examples of twilight photography alongside its interior counterparts. 

Make sure your property is ready for the twilight shoot

During your twilight photography shoot, your photography will go over

  • which lights to keep on and which (like some floodlights which may be too harsh) to leave off. Outdoor fireplaces will likely be turned on as well. 
  • having your pool area and yard clean so it’s captured in the right light and in its best state.
  • staging the lawn chairs and furniture appropriately. If you have an outdoor dining area, set the place settings. Open up the poolside umbrellas—really make your yard look at its entertaining best. 
  •  having your lawn freshly detailed a day or two before the shoot so it’s also at its peak. 

Twilight photography, especially when handled by the experts at Photography At Dawn, can take your listing to a whole new world: one more vibrant, exciting, and enticing, proven to attract more eyeballs. Find out how soon Photography At Dawn can go to work turning your property into a twilight fantasy.

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