Staging a Home for Real Estate Photography

by | Dec 21, 2019

As every real estate agent knows, photos of a listing make the best first impression. The elegant design of the interior, the beaming blue skies that highlight the freshly painted exterior, and, of course, every intricate detail in the staging of the house to make it look like the most desired house on the market.

According to Realtor Magazine, “The extra attention is understandable: 87 percent of home shoppers say they relied on photos to help make their decision on whether to buy the property, according to surveys by the National Association of REALTORS®.”

With this in mind, it is vital that the real estate photographer know the main elements that will capture the simplistic elegance of a house by just looking at a photo. Which leads to the question,

“What is appealing to the eye when staging a home for real estate photography?”

Homes need to be shown at their best in order for a home buyer to give it a second look. Of course, the beds should be made, floors should be swept/vacuumed, and windows should be wiped cleaned, however, there are a few more things to be done for the perfect staging of the photos:

  •       Clean, clean, clean – Make sure the house is squeaky clean, from cleaning the dust off the fan blades, to cleaning the crevices of the counters. This will make for an even shinier photo.
  •       Put all extra objects away –There shouldn’t be more than one or two things out on the counters, bookshelves, fireplace mantels, etc. More than this will make things look cluttered and small. The impression of a home should feel open with a lot of free space.
  •       Allow all excess light in – Opening all of the curtains and blinds will create a larger appearance of the rooms and will help the photos stand out more.
  •       Avoid using large furniture – Remember, it’s the house you are trying to sell, not the furniture. When a room has excessively large furniture, it can make the room look smaller. As we mentioned, the room needs to feel as big as possible.
  •       Don’t forget the outside – Even though you’re selling the inside, the outside can mean just as much, if not more, to a home buyer when they’re looking for their dream home. So cut the grass, tend to the weeds, shape up the bushes, clean out the pool, water the mulch, and clean up the path to the doorway. This can all be done during the winter months as well.


What NOT to Stage

Duly noted, there are many things one should do to stage a home photo, and there are many things that one shouldn’t do when staging a home photo:

  •       Take down family photos – Although sentimental, the design of the house should be highlighted with abstract paintings and not invade the privacy of a family.
  •       Hide the cords and wires – Show a home buyer that the fear of having exposed cords and wires are of no concern in that particular house.
  •       Get rid of the stained and patchy rug – Seeing a hint of carpet on a hardwood floor can be a hit or miss if a home buyer does or doesn’t want carpet in the living room. No matter which one they prefer, ensure that the rug displayed has no stains and meshes well with the rest of the color in the room.
  •       Take garbage cans out of it – It is not appealing to see garbage cans in a shot, so just put them to the side for the sake of the photo.

Staging a Home for Real Estate Photography can be a very simple and easy task. Having an expert’s opinion by the photographer and the real estate agent to analyze the photos makes the process that much easier.

Voted “Best Real Estate Photographers in Atlanta 2017, 2018 & 2019”, Photography at Dawn has proven its worth as the best in the game. We commit to the best quality of photographs to highlight interior/exterior design. If you are interested in having Photography at Dawn photograph for your client’s property, contact us.

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