Preparing the Exterior of the House for Real Estate Photography

by | Jan 24, 2020

Prep List for the Exterior of the House

As real estate photographers, we want to make sure your listing is, literally, picture perfect. As we mentioned in our recent blog, Staging a Home for Real Estate Photography, “…it is vital that the real estate photographer know the main elements that will capture the simplistic elegance of a house by just looking at a photo.”

In order for us to capture, market, and help sell a listing, we’ve compiled a prep list to assist homeowners and real estate agents to help prepare their listing for the photography session on the Exterior.

It is vital to have all painting/touch-up painting/power washing completed prior to appointment time.


First things first, the Front Exterior of the House

  • Move vehicles to the road or into the garage
  • Close garage doors
  • Remove empty planters/plant new flowers
  • Remove cobwebs from door frames/eaves
  • Remove toys
  • Remove trashcans
  • Set out new/clean door mat OR remove dirtied door mat
  • Sweep front porch
  • Power wash home if applicable
  • Set out new/clean flag OR remove tattered dirtied flag
  • Clear yard of pet waste/toys

Second, the Back Exterior of the House

  • Tidy patio furniture
  • Place fresh pillows/cushions on furniture
  • Remove toys, including ALL pool toys
  • Clean pool and remove cleaning supplies
  • Turn on any fountains/water features
  • Remove trashcans
  • Remove/Wind up water hoses
  • Remove any tools/machinery from yard
  • Clear yard of pet waste/toys

Lastly, the Landscaping

  • Cut grass
  • Clear/Prune any shrubs or trees blocking the front view of the house
  • Lay fresh mulch or pine straw
  • Plant fresh flowers currently in bloom
  • Blow leaves off driveway/yard/decks/porches

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