Get to Know our Owner/Photographer, April Sledge

by | Dec 10, 2019

Have you ever been curious to know who is behind the lens of an exquisitely photographed home? 

We understand that a real estate agent might want to know who they are working with when hiring a real estate photography company to photograph their client’s home. The pictures speak for themselves but knowing who is behind all of the magic, is important. 

To know more about our Owner/Founder, April Sledge, she has answered a list of questions to explain more about herself and her company, Photography at Dawn.

1. Describe how Photography at Dawn first started. 

Pretty simple and unexpected actually; I was working in a private golf community in Dahlonega, GA during college. I was the Sales Office Manager. Sounds fancy, right? Well, really I was the only person on the building and simply forwarded all the phone calls to the only real estate agent in the community. The job was great for a college student with an overloaded class load. One day the agent approached me and said “you are in school for photography right? Good, would you like to photography my listing for a little extra money?” To be honest I was hesitant, but $100 is $100 and it was work experience. Photographing homes did not sound exciting to me at all. After photographing three homes in a beautiful golfing community listing for over a million dollars each, I was hooked. 

2. What interested you most about starting real estate photography? 

After that first week working in million dollar homes, I loved seeing the architecture and design of each home. My dad built my childhood home round us with his own ideas and vision. He did not build your “cookie cutter home” by any means. It was unique and beautiful. Those were the homes I loved the most. I started picking a choosing what I wanted for my own home and more importantly made a LONG list of what I WAS NOT going to do. 

3. What are the roles played in the making of a perfect photographed home? 

This process definitely has changed since we started. We have altered it as the quality and expectations of the photos have changed. We now have it down to a very simple process. 1) An agent books online. 2) They receive our ‘Prep List’ and follow it. 3) We photograph the house, capturing all its unique features and beauty. 4) We fully edit all photos a return within 24-48 hours of the photography shoot. 5) The agent downloads them and is ready to list. 

4. What do you enjoy most about your dream job?

There are two sides of this question. On the personal side, I absolutely love seeing every house I go into. As I said, I see amazing homes, weird homes, horrid homes, and everything in between. I can always take something away from it to put in my own home.

On the business side, I truly love helping agents problem solve. Although we would love it to be this way not every house is easy to sell. I want to be the person our agents ask for help. My answer is not always “you need new photos”. Sometimes it is, but it also could be, “Let’s look at video”, “Does the house need any updates?” or, “What can we do to market it differently?” Helping other professionals be successful warms my heart. 

5. When you’re not photographing and running a successful real estate photography business, what do you enjoy doing?

Well, this list is truly endless! Most importantly I spending time with family. My husband and I also own a small farm which pretty much consumes any free time we have. We love it. We have a young daughter that is growing fast. We spend anytime we can embrace life with her. Once a week I take time to dive into the word of God with my Mom Tribe in a bible study group we created to fit into our crazy lives. Personal time is limited but its something on working on; I mean every girl loves a mani-pedi.

Voted “Best Real Estate Photographers in Atlanta 2017, 2018 & 2019”, Photography at Dawn has proven its worth as the best in the game. We commit to the best quality of photographs to highlight interior/exterior design. If you are interested in having Photography at Dawn photograph for your client’s property, contact us.

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